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May Griffin by CTW36
by CTW36

With excellent shading, lineart, and managing to keep the style that can tell it's Family Guy, ~CTW36 helps give a little insight of wh...

You know, nothing upsets me more than looking back on some of my favorite cartoons and seeing all the potential and plot twists that hit a brick wall with their cancellation, especially when you hear of what was to come in the never future. 

I've been getting a little back into my love for Thundercats, and in my search for any discussion about the Soul Stone- the one stone that never got to be elaborated on before the series' cancellation- found an article from MTV Geek where two of the show's writers reveal the plot points that were never to be, for the Season 2 we never got, namely:  

-Snarf, out of all characters surprisingly, would have his own little backstory, where it turns out he's actually immune to damage as he's the result of an experiment by Mumm-Ra to create a genetically superior race; this experiment would actually later breed what was to be the Thundercats. (Sooooo they're all descended from Snarf?....well at least it would've been cute, cuddly Snarf who luckily can't talk). 

-Pumyra, in her ever growing lust for vengeance against Lion-o, would demand more power from Mumm-ra and be granted it in exchange for her physical appearance, and eventually this price would've transformed her into an insectoid creature. In her final fight, she gets Lion-o where she wants him and would be able to deliver the fatal blow, if it not be for Tygra killing her- something Lion-o, (what we can infer) still struggling with the heartache of her betrayal, would be unable to do. This would serve to drive more of a wedge between the brothers. 

-Slythe would be given more background as well, where it turns out he holds a special vendetta against Lynx-o: being one of the cats responsible for expanding Thundera's territory, it would be revealed that Lynx-o burned down the area of land where Slythe and his fellow lizards resided in a marsh to clear it out, particularly during a festival where it would be time for the next generation to hatch and the males go out to hunt, killing the hatchlings. Getting to where we saw him in the cartoon as one of Mumm-ra's henchmen, Slythe would battle and actually decapitate</b> Lynx-o (bcuz we all need some gold ol' cartoon violence) but, seeing as to how quickly his fellow reptiles are becoming Mumm-ra's slaves, has a moment of clarity and recognizes Lion-o's goal of uniting the species. Slythe would give Lion-o the Soul Stone before succumbing to Mumm-ra's wrath. 

Still no word of if Ben-gali would've made an appearance at all; poor guy seems to get the short end of the stick each time for whatever reason- first he was completely abandoned from existence in the Wildstorm comics come the "Reclaiming Thundera" storyline, and now he can't even be given the decency of at least one lil appearance 


United States
I am a young writer who has written in both Fanfiction and Fictionpress. I love reading, writing, and am reaching for the goal of becoming a vet someday. Currently suffering from a bad case of Can't-Write-Shist.

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