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May Griffin by CTW36
by CTW36

With excellent shading, lineart, and managing to keep the style that can tell it's Family Guy, ~CTW36 helps give a little insight of wh...

Hello, readers. I know, it's been a while since you've heard anything from me. 

Today, as the title suggests, I want to talk about the Kelli Stapleton case. For those unaware of what happened, Kelli Stapleton is currently on trial for the attempted murder of her daughter Issy when she attempted to kill her and herself by carbon monoxide poisoning. Issy Stapleton was comatose for four days and is stated to have suffered brain damage. 

Many people have been sympathizing with Mrs. Stapleton because Issy was autistic and as part of that, she was often violent. Many have made claims that they can understand and sympathize with Mrs. Stapleton because Mrs. Stapleton had a blog documenting (if I remember correctly) Issy's journey through a program to help her with her episodes. Some blog posts have also say that these programs failed Mrs. Stapleton. 

And I have to say, it's really bothering me. 

Maybe I can say this because I'm not a parent and I don't have an autistic child, nor have I had to live with an autistic person who is violent daily. But frankly, I don't care. Because you know what? I don't feel like I need to be in someone else's shoes when that person attempted to kill their own child.

I've read one post where one woman was saying she wouldn't stand for people trying to "bash" Kelli. But you know what? People are going to bash someone who attempts to take a child's life, especially if that child someone who is mentally ill and whose parent decided that they were better off dead because of their mental illness. And people are going to do that moreso when they see the reaction is for people to coddle and make excuses for that parent. 

There's already enough problems people with mental illness have to deal with in our society. In a society that's constantly portraying mentally ill people as unstable and prone to violence and prone to becoming serial killers and mass shooters and the like, treating them like they are unable to function in society and that teaches that it's somehow better to have a child get an infectious disease than to live healthy as autistic, in a society that early on would "treat" their mental illness by inhumane and horrifying means, to stand behind Kelli Stapleton and act like Issy's episodes make Kelli any less of a monster because it's "understandable" only sends out the message that autistic people and other people with mental illness/disabilities are less than human and are somehow lesser deserving of life. All these people have sympathized so much with Kelli, but what about ISSY? What about the girl who was almost killed by her mother because her mother decided she should die because she'd be "better off" because of something she couldn't help? 


United States
I am a young writer who has written in both Fanfiction and Fictionpress. I love reading, writing, and wish to be an author for my dreamjob. If I can't have that, I wish to be a vet.

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