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May Griffin by CTW36
by CTW36

With excellent shading, lineart, and managing to keep the style that can tell it's Family Guy, ~CTW36 helps give a little insight of wh...

And they say millenials are fucked up! 

No seriously, what the actual hell. This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of. Just....WHY. Why does stuff like this keep happening?! I could understand if this was happening in the 70s when hippies were the norm, but....EW (It has to be all that legalized pot now). 

You all probably don't know what I'm talking about, do you? Well before I go into my rant of what is wrong with the world nowadays, allow me to provide some background info. 

If any of you have ever had a baby or been there with a friend/loved one who delivered a baby, you've probably noticed how the doctors don't have the umbilical cord cut off all the way. A little bit of it is left on, clamped off, and you simply leave it there until it eventually shrivels up and the belly button seals shut.  

The purpose of this? Simply, if the baby develops an infection or falls under any circumstance that it needs drugs administered through an IV, keeping part of the cord makes it much easier for the doctor to administer the needle rather than have to poke around for a tiny vein in the newborn's arm. Not to mention the belly button hasn't closed all the way, so they'd rather not your baby be out in the bacteria-filled world with a giant gaping hole that leads straight to their stomach. 

Now, let's remember that cutting of the umbilical cord causes no harm to the baby. It has no nerve endings, so therefore no pain is caused. It is important though, in the following time period that it takes for it to shrink and come off that the stump is clean. You don't need to clean it every four hours or anything- researchers have found that it heals faster if you just leave it alone- but if it gets dirty it's important to treat it so the baby doesn't run risk for possible infection. 

Keep that last part in mind as I delay to you the news I found which has now horrified me to no ends. 

"HG, get to the point! And what the heck is a lotus birth anyway?!" 

Get ready to be sickened kids. 

"Lotus birth" is the nice sweet fancy name for any birth in which the parents for whatever reason runs through their empty minds decide not to cut the umbilical cord after the baby's born. 

That means the placenta is still attached as well. 

Which means for however long, these parents will gladly carry around their baby and the placenta with them. 

I had the pleasure (cringe) of coming across this information from an XOJane article… in which the author defends her decision by claiming that it's "Just like chimpanzees" and how there's no apparently no evidence of the supposed dangers of sepsis (blood poisoning) happening as a result of nonseverence of the umbilical cord, along with the "bonding experience" that came from it all and how "traditional cultures practice it". Oh, did I mention this mother also apparently had a water birth with absolutely no assistance and not even a midwife. 

*sighs* Dear god, I really hope this sickness of stupidity doesn't spread to my generation. 

First it was the organic food bandwagon, then it was the "naturalness" and frenzy with waterbirths, then it was all arrogance of of going vegan, then it was all that anti-vaccination bullshit, and now this?!

I don't know what it is with all these soccer moms nowadays who think that popping a kid of their vagina suddenly makes them all knowing and much more qualified to talk about health and science than an actual educated and trained scientist or medical professional, but it's got to stop. 

I just want to take a moment and say that firstly, I don't know why it would seem so spiritual and all that to say you'd give birth like a wild animal. Frankly, that just makes you sound like a savage. 

First of all, no, chimpanzees do not have lotus births, on account of logging around a giant sack of rotting flesh and blood would pretty much make a PICK ME sign for predators who have enhanced senses (logic, it is lacking in these people). Chimpanzees do eat the placenta, but so does every other non-human mammal out there- the only difference is we use scissors instead of teeth. 

Secondly, has this chick ever taken a second to even think that the reason that there is no record of infants dying is due to blood poisoning from the umbilical cord is because people have long since known to clean babies and not due dumb shit like this? 

Claims like this say it's better to leave the placenta attached because "no incision means no wound to even risk infection." 

Shut up. That's fucking bullshit. Leaving the placenta attached does not give the baby more nutrients or any of that shit.It's a bag of dying tissue and blood- that's BEGGING bacteria to come and harm the baby (did I mention that babies don't have fully develope d immune systems?). That's like walking around with appendicitis but not getting the appendix taken out because "it's a part of you"- keep on dreaming darling, but you're not helping anything. You're just letting yourself be put further in danger- or in this case, a fragile infant. 

Or, let's not forget that there no documentation whatsoever of lotus births in traditional cultures. Indigeneous cultures do hold the placenta in high regard, yes, but there's a difference between revering something and keeping it fucking attached to a body. 

I don't get why all these parents now are worshipping stuff like water births or this kind of crap because it's "natural" or because of all the years before modern medicine women did it like this. 

You know what all those women also had to deal with? Dying in childbirth. Living to only about 35. Three, maybe two of their sixteen kids actually surviving to adolescence with dying of disease. Entire villages dying from small pox. You know, all that "natural" jazz. 

Keep in mind these are the same people who love to complain about chemicals (which make up only EVERYTHING on earth) and blame fast food for making their children obese since they can't seem to learn to fucking say no for once. 

Listen, people all what's best for their children. But being a parent doesn't mean you know more about your child's medical wellbeing than an actual professional who's studied and worked in the scientific field. 

Researching off tabloids doesn't give you a degree.

Running a blog doesn't give you a scientific background. 

And blasting your opinions all over the internet doesn't make it fucking facts. 

If you want to learn about health and science, take a science class. Go to Google Scholar and read published medical journals. Talk to physicians and biologists and neuroscientists and people who are trained to study this stuff. But get off your high horse and stop evoking fear and misinformation in people. 


United States
I am a young writer who has written in both Fanfiction and Fictionpress. I love reading, writing, and am reaching for the goal of becoming a vet someday. Currently suffering from a bad case of Can't-Write-Shist.

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