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May Griffin by CTW36
by CTW36

With excellent shading, lineart, and managing to keep the style that can tell it's Family Guy, ~CTW36 helps give a little insight of wh...

By now, the good majority of you know about 50 Shades of Grey. And by now you've probably heard about how the official trailers for the movie have come out. 

You've probably heard about how the book was originally a Twilight fanfiction. You've probably heard how erotic it is and how it explores a rather taboo culture- or how it completely misrepresents BDSM. You've probably heard about how Christian Grey is every woman's dream man- or that he's even more of an abusive, controlling, manipulative piece of shit than Edward Cullen. You've probably heard about how Anastasia Steele is lucky, or that she manages to be even more flatter of a character than Bella Swan. In the gist of things, you've probably heard good things and bad things about the book. 

Well, I'm here to talk about the bad things. 

This is more inspired about a few things I saw on Tumblr moreso than my long, LONG list of problems with this monstrosity of a book. 

Now if you like the book, fine. To each their own, and unlike what others claim, no, I don't think this will influence others and make others think that healthy relationships are anything like what Christian and Ana's relationship is. If you like the book, fine, go ahead. There isn't anything wrong with exploring any sexual nature you have in the form of literature. And to be fair, saying that this book and the like would cause people to date abusive assholes is like saying video games cause violence. So if you like the series, fine. Whatever floats your boat. 

But I just want to say I'm kinda tired of hearing people use the excuse "It's just fiction! It's a book, it's not real!" Yes, they are fiction but something being fictional doesn't give you a pass to plain with sensitive topics; it doesn't excuse you for glorifiying unhealthy relationships and creating unhealthy character interactions that are supposed to seem like your average love story. You could probably get away with that in the time of Shakespeare, but not now. Not in this day and age. 

And most of all, it's pretty disrespectful to people who have are victims of domestic violence. It's mockery to paint a picture of all the signs of an abusive relationship and somehow play it off to "oh she just had to understand him better and he had a bad childhood and they grew to truly love each other" is disturbing and completely throws whatever ordeal a domestic violence victim has been through in their face. Was what Christian went through as a child horrifying? Absolutely. But that doesn't excuse his actions. He still treats Ana like absolute crap and is an abusive asshole.

If you want to talk about a character dealing with and moving on from the trauma of childhood abuse and teenage addictions, then do it right in the way of actually having a breakthrough (whether it be hitting rock bottom or experiencing it happening to someone else) and getting professional help. NOT having this "help" come in the form of a selfish adult who took advantage and raped a fifteen year old boy who already had problems (YES, Christian IS a rape victim). Even Ana, for all her underdevelopment, is aware of how sickening that is. 


United States
I am a young writer who has written in both Fanfiction and Fictionpress. I love reading, writing, and wish to be an author for my dreamjob. If I can't have that, I wish to be a vet.

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